The Four Keys of Financial Freedom

December 27


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Financial success comes in different forms, and the approach looks different for everyone – there is no “one way”. Sometimes it seems like everyone we hear who has “made it” in the investing world has done so through some massive 100-flips-a-year strategy, but that’s not the reality. Join us today as Scott Trench shares his investing strategies, financial insights, and personal path to financial freedom.


  1. Short-term sacrifices can have dramatic long-term effects 
  2. Get started getting your financial life in order as soon as possible
  3. There’s no “one way” to make money


  1. Super Thinking – by Gabriel Weinberg, Lauren McCann 
  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie 
  3. Set for Life – Scott Trench  
  4. 90 Days of Intention Journal 



Show Notes

Scott Trench is based in Denver, and is the President and CEO of (the world’s largest online network of real estate investors). BiggerPockets helps ordinary Americans build wealth and achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. 

Scott is also the Author of the popular book Set for Life, and is the Co-Host The BiggerPockets Money Show Podcast. Scott’s purpose and drive are his desire to make the vision of BiggerPockets (to help a million people become millionaires) a reality.


The Four Keys of Financial Freedom Transcription:

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