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Guests that have Featured on The Investor Mindset Include..

Mark Manson

Mark Manson

NYT Best Selling Author

Best known for 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck', Mark has released 3 New York Times Best Sellers. 

Chriss Voss

Chris Voss


World's #1 Negotiation Coach, Bestselling Author

"Never Split The Difference"

Kris Krohn

Kris Krohn

Real Estate Expert

Kris Krohn is a best-selling author, speaker, breakthrough mentor, and real estate guru 

Brandon Turner


Known for BiggerPockets Podcast, Author and Managing Member of Open Door Capital LLC

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Steven realizes that investors are first people, and that many people tend to be workers/parents/students before embracing that they are also investors.

The Xs and Os and guests are truly world class (well worth the half-hour), while Steven’s weekly insights are deep and transformative.


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A Must Subscribe!

The Investor Mindset Podcast will take you to the next level in your real estate investing and it will improve your life. Steven Pesavento is one of the bests when it comes to real estate AND mindset.

I highly recommend this podcast because it’s mindset which prevents us from thinking big, achieving our goals, and fulfilling our life’s purpose. Listen, and enjoy!

Bronson Hill

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Mindset is key

The first step to success is the right mindset! The name of this podcast is spot on; Steven will give you the tools and motivation to think like, then become an investor.

Next-Level Income

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Crucial Podcast for investing growth

This podcast is a crucial resource for everything investing and financial freedom. Love the solo episodes where Steven goes deep.

Clayton Hep

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Never Ending Value

I love Investor mindset talk and this podcast is perfect for me. I get the valuable content without sifting through fluff and this adds to my knowledge base as an investor. Thanks Steven!


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About Steven.

Investing full time since 2016, Steven has transacted 100+ renovations, over $180M in residential investment real estate. His investors have entrusted him with over $30M+ of investor capital.

Steven knows what it takes to thrive in this business. He is equally humble to ensure that his strengths are paired with his team who have a track record of longtime success in this business.

His motto is “surround yourself with the best.”



Residential Investment Real Estate




Handled of Investor Capitol


Years Investing Experience. 

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Great Content!

The Investor Mindset podcast truly is a must-listen! Steven is great host and his guests provide tremendous value. Having a positive mindset is critical to running a successful business and this podcast delivers that message in a clear, entertaining and meaningful way.

McKenna Capital

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Great Podcast

This is such a great show to start with if you are thinking about getting into real estate investing.

Steven always has a new nugget of wisdom each episode and brings on really high quality guests!


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The motivation I needed

Steven has a way with balancing the practical and deeper worker beautiful and most of all, inspirationally! I always feel more clear and more forward moving with each episode. I'm so grateful for all he does! Check this out if you have big dreams- period!


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