Resources to Fast Track Your Success

The following is a collection of resources and information that will fast track your entry into investing & real estate. Here you will find the kind of information that I wish I had when I was getting my start into Real Estate and it is my hope, you will benefit from them all. 

NYN Passive Income planner

Passive Income Vision Planner

Build knowledge and confidence that will allow you to see your financial path clearly.  From that knowledge you can build a concrete passive investment plan for building the life of your dreams

Focuses on.. 

Getting started into Passive Investing, financial information, Mindset, blueprint to investing and getting the return you want in life. 


5 Success Principles

I’ve interviewed almost 100 guests on The Investor Mindset Podcast.
They all give their best advice.
But what’s THE best advice, and what does it mean for us?

Focuses on..

Mindset, traits of successful business owners, entrepreneurs & investors. 

Investor Playbook

Passive Investing Playbook

The Passive Investing Playbook is your reference guide to investing in the Real Estate Market, making it easy enough for even a beginner to understand. 

Focuses on..

Active Investing vs Passive Investing,
Cashflow vs Appreciation, much more

Hedge Against Inflation

Don’t let inflation erode the purchasing power of your dollar and chip away at your investment returns. Inside this FREE PDF you’ll discover how to follow in the footsteps of the wealthy by passively investing in multifamily real estate protecting yourself against inflation

Focuses on..

Why Real Estate is a great Hedge Against Inflation

Video Training: Hedging Against Inflation

Receive Cashflow, Tax Deductions and Equity Growth Leveraging a proven track record

Focuses on..

Why It’s A Great Time to Invest in MultiFamily, How To Find The Right
Teams To Invest With, Where You Make The Majority Of The Upside

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Nobody grows on their own, learn from the best, from their peaks and downs and fast track your own success.