Your Perfect Plan: 2021 – Joshua Smith

January 28


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Last year was tough… so how can we make a plan that’s going to smash 2021 out of the park? Top 1% realtor Joshua Smith is here to help us decide what we want and how we’re going to achieve it. ?? Get The Passive Investing Playbook –

Setting yourself up for success is super important no matter what industry you’re in. This week’s guest, Joshua Smith, is a master in this area and has helped thousands of his clients reach incredible sales success at a pinnacle level. Josh is ranked in the top 1% of realtors worldwide and runs the world’s top real estate podcast – GSD Mode. We look at how you can start your year with a solid strategy that’s going to give you a daily plan that moves you forward to achieving what it is you REALLY want. We also take a deep dive into what you should be measuring and looking out for when starting, or simply running, a business and Joshua even shares his amazing “Ultimate scoreboard” theory with us. If you’re just starting out, or even if you have years of experience already, this episode is taylor made to help you know what you want, why you want it and how you can achieve it.

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About Joshua:

-Top 1% of Realtors Worldwide.

-Voted the 30th Top Realtor in America by The Wall Street Journal.

-Over 5000 Homes Sold & Selling More Than 1+ Homes Daily.

-Host of The #1 Most Downloaded Real Estate Agent Podcast “GSD Mode”.

-Has Coached/Mentored Thousands of Realtors all over the World.

-Father to 3 Absolutely Awesome Kids.


1. Creating a successful business is one of the hardest things you can ever do.

2. At the start of the year, look back and reflect deeply on the year just past. What goals did you accomplish? What were your goals leading into this year? Where did you fall short? What needs to change?

3. When you’re planning for the year ahead, or the future, get super clear on what it is that you want and why.

4. Think about what your last ever conversation would look like. We call this the “Ultimate scoreboard”. How do you need that conversation to go for your life to be an overall win?

5. Once you’ve found the answers to the above question… what needs to happen this year to get you one step closer to making that a reality?

6. Spend as much time as you need making sure that the goals you have laid out for yourself are TRULY what you want.

7. Think about the team you need in place, the habits you need to adopt, and what habits you need to break, to make this year a success.

8. If you have an effective yearly plan, then you should know exactly what needs to happen on a yearly, monthly and daily basis.

9. Knowing what you want and why you want it comes from a deep place inside of you that gives you a real reason to achieve your goals.

10. When you’re starting out make sure that you’re tracking everything such as the number of leads, reach outs, conversations, appointments set, appointment conductions, clients and closings that you’re acquiring per source.

11. Have 3 key main KPIs to focus on such as the number the reach outs, conversations and appointments set. If you hit these then everything else will fall into place.

12. The most important investment is… yourself.


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