Work Smarter, Not Harder – Justin Donald

October 4


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Justin Donald joins Steven to talk about the fact that everybody, no matter what they are doing, needs to work smarter, not harder.   Coming from a belief that the work ethic trumps all and will solve all your problems, Justin learned that this is not the case, and that nothing is absolute.  What worked in one season may not work in another.   Listen as Justin and Steven discuss the fact that there are multiple ways to get things done and so much more. 

Key Takeaways

  1. If you can’t leave your business for a year period of time and not have it  maintained or grown, then you’re not a business owner, you are self-employed
  2. The more people you can build with and build around, the better
  3. Find strong partners who are great operators that have a great track record and will answer every one of your questions
  4. It’s not about the fact that somebody lost money, it’s about what they took away from it what they’ve learned
  5. Instead of waiting and building this nest egg for when you retire, buy assets today and create the success that you want

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About our Guest:

Entrepreneur Magazine calls Justin Donald the “Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing.” He’s a master of low-risk cash flow investing, specializing in simplifying complex financial strategies, structuring deals, and disciplined investment systems that consistently produce profitable results. His ethos is to “create wealth without creating a job.” 

In the span of 21 months, and before his 37th birthday, Justin’s investments drove enough passive income for both him and his wife Jennifer to leave their jobs. Following his simple investment system and 10 Commandments of Lifestyle Investing, Justin negotiated deals with over 100 companies, multiplied his net worth to over eight figures, and maintained a family-centric lifestyle in less than 2 years. Just 2 years later, he doubled his net worth again. 

He now consults and advises entrepreneurs, executives, and successful media personalities on lifestyle investing. Justin has also appeared on nearly 100 podcasts, including Entrepreneurs on Fire, The Mike Dillard Show, Making Bank, Achieve Your Goals, Capability Amplifier, Tractionville, Inside Personal Growth, Conscious Millionaire, Franchise Secrets, the Accelerated Investor, and Unbecoming. 


Work Smarter, Not Harder – Justin Donald Transcription:

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