Use Fear As Fuel

December 23


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High achievers don’t let fear hold them back. They use it! The key to unlocking your potential is simple, but it’s not always easy. It takes true focus and commitment to get there. Coach Micheal Burt business coach for top performers and former Championship Women’s Basketball coach walks through his Mindset of success. Sharing the strategies of what it takes to be a winner & succeed.


Show Notes

Coach Micheal Burt has become the go-to business coach for top performers around the world. The 13X best-selling author of power books such as “Million Dollar Follow-Up,” and “Inside the Mind of a Monster,” Burt knows how to “inner engineer” people to win at the highest levels. With a deep methodology in coaching the whole person, this former Championship Women’s Basketball coach retired at age 31 to create the coaching program Monster Producer which has quickly grown to over 700 participants around the world.

You’ll want to dig into this episode because we cover so many great strategies. One that was key for me was this idea of finding your unique ability. Start out by finding what you’re passionate about it. Identify what things get you excited, which ones others can hear it in your voice and where you know that you’ve got something special. We dig into how Coach Burt applies this within his life and how it was key to him deciding what he’d dedicate his life to.

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