Three Things You MUST KNOW to Succeed In Business – Steven Pesavento

February 1


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Did you know that over a 5 year period less than 4% of US businesses survive? To make sure you don’t up end as one of these statistics… there’s 3 vital things that you need to know.

It’s super important that these three elements are not missing from your business because at the core they’re going to directly impact what your bottom line is, how many customers you have and therefore whether or not you’re running a successful business.

And these principles aren’t exclusive to business owners… as an employee you can apply these three important elements to your work and use them to build your career and workplace value.

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1. Who is your ideal customer or client?
2. Once you know the answer to the above question you can start asking questions like: What are their desires? What do they want most? What do they fear most?
3. When you’re constructing a perfect client profile it’s always better to start super specific and then work backwards into a broader profile.
4. What is your irresistible offer? An offer that your client just can’t say no to.
5. This will differentiate you from your competition and make your new client excited to work with you.
6. How can you over deliver in order to build rave reviews and new fans?


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