The Subtle Art – Mark Manson

January 24


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This week I’m very lucky to be joined by an amazing guest and someone that I personally admire for their exceptional and unique work. It’s none other than Mark Manson – the best selling author of the incredible book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”.

In this episode Mark takes us through how he started as a writer and what inspired him to write his smash hit book. We also go deep into what his book and philosophy really means… because it’s not as simple as the title might suggest. We go through what is worth investing our time and energy into, “The Attention Diet”, how to set boundaries for yourself and much more.

Mark has been published and/or featured in over 50 of the biggest newspapers, magazines, and television/radio shows on the planet, including NBC, CNN, Fox News, the BBC, Time Magazine, Larry King, Dr. Oz, New York Times, New York Post, USA Today, Buzzfeed, Vice, and Vox, among many others.

Men’s Health called him, “unnervingly well-read” and the Sunday Times described my writing as, “the local drunk who spent too much time in the philosophy section of the bookstore.” (he took it as a compliment.)

Mark has had the great fortune to speak to some of the most successful and innovative companies on the planet, including Google, Microsoft, Blackstone, Stack Exchange, Xero and LinkedIn, among others. He’s also been a guest lecturer at a number of universities.

But before Mark was an author, he was a blogger. He started a blog in 2009 and within a few years it was being read by more than a million people each month. Today, this site is read by more than 15 million people each year and in 2015, he was one of the first brands to launch a paid subscription model that has since been adopted by most of the online publishing industry. Mark has never hosted ads and never will.

Hit subscribe, join the community, and dive into this amazing episode with one of the most sought-after and inspirational authors on the planet right now.

Have you read Mark’s book and put it into practice? Tell us in the comments below.


1. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the things that you choose to care about.

2. With all the information available to us via the internet and social media, it makes it confusing to know what is worth investing our time and energy into.

3. “The Attention Diet”: Like being conscious of what food we put into our bodies, we need to be conscious of what information we put into our minds. If we indulge in too much crap then it can make us physically AND mentally obese.

4. Life is short and we only have enough time to become excellent at one or two things. It’s important to get clear on what these are, focus on your strengths and not on the nonsense online, or in life, that isn’t going to get you anywhere.

5. The people who are most free right now are the people who know how to set boundaries for themselves and limit technology and information.

6. “Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for.”


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