The RIGHT Team: From Investors to Property Management – Chris Pomerleau

November 4


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Finding the Right team can make a world of difference in your passive investment opportunities.   Today’s guest, Chris Pomerleau discusses his experiences of getting started in real estate investing, and finding the right team to work with.   Sometimes it requires making hard decisions but it all is for the benefit of everyone involved.   Steven also shares about a new investment opportunity opening up in Dallas. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. You can continue or start doing what you want to do while investing in real estate
  2. Look for local operators who have been executing in the business for a number of years that have that track record of experience and have been able to deliver success
  3. Once you refinance that property, received back all of your capital and you’re into the deal for $0, it’s the largest lightbulb you could possibly imagine
  4. Important things to look at when it comes to Asset Management and Property Management 
  5. There’s a lot more opportunity to create value if you have the ability to execute it well

Resources Mentioned

Looking for your next investment opportunity?  Then join this passive investment opportunity webinar about the Estrella Apartments located in Dallas, Texas. Register at 

About our Guest:

Chris Pomerleau

I began my career with a mission to help people live better life. I practice family law, and I help many people with marriage dissolution, child custody, domestic violence cases and more. I’m a determined advocate for all of my clients. My clients are in one of the most difficult situations of their lives, but with empathy and understanding, I help them through.

As an equity manager of over $46MM in assets under management, I help others achieve freedom with passive income by investing in real assets without having to invest their time and effort. For them, I create passive investment opportunities so they can pursue their own passions and careers. C-Level executives, busy professionals, business owners, and others are now able to have more freedom and financial security by allocating more to our private investment offerings.

I am committed to being a resource to my clients and investors. I follow the professional motto “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give,” as said by Winston Churchill.


How Can I Be of Value? – Steven Pesavento

The RIGHT Team: From Investors to Property Management – Chris Pomerleau Transcription:

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