The Power of Questioning Conventional Wisdom – Tyler Chesser

September 27


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The best way for you to create more income is to have more impact.  And that is just what our guest today, Tyler Chesser, tries to inspire with his coaching clients.   Tyler is a passive investment syndicator, business coach, and keynote speaker.  Listen in as Steve and Tyler discuss a variety of topics including; recognizing that real estate is a journey, not about short-term gain; for continued growth and evolution, surround yourself with masterminds; and ask yourself powerful questions in order to get the powerful answers. 


  1. Questioning conventional wisdom is a very powerful tool that we should all be implementing more into our daily routine. High performance starts and continues with this dialogue.
  2. Failure is not fatal but it is feedback so that we continue to learn
  3. None of us have a lack of resourcefulness. Perhaps we just haven’t tapped into enough curiosity
  4. Identity is one of the strongest forces in our lives, it’s the  strongest factor in terms of the future direction
  5. Fulfillment is through the discomfort. Transformation comes by going through continuous discomfort on a daily basis.

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About our Guest:

Tyler Chesser is a high-performance real estate entrepreneur who helps real estate investors, leaders and entrepreneurs transform their businesses and lives. A successful real estate investor with a background as a former perennial top-performing commercial real estate broker, Tyler started investing in multifamily real estate in 2015 as a way to build wealth and create diverse income streams for his family. Prior to launching his real estate investment firm, CF Capital, Tyler spent over seven years in the business as a founding principal of a successful commercial brokerage company, real estate investor, professional speaker and award-winning sales professional. Today Tyler offers a range of services and programs – from syndication of private passive investment opportunities, individual to group business coaching, real estate consulting, keynote speaking and hosts a top 200 business podcast internationally called Elevate.


The Power of Questioning Conventional Wisdom – Tyler Chesser Transcription:

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