The Power of Partnerships – Steven Pesavento

December 29


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The power of partnerships. This week we’re focusing on the power of partnerships and how they can lead to better risk-weighted returns for your investment. 

We ask: Why are partnerships important? How can they make a difference? And how can they impact your life as an investor?  

Jump into this quick blast of free education on how you can create and improve your investing partnerships which will ultimately result in higher returns! 


  1. Partner with someone who has a great track record, unique abilities that you don’t have and strengths that compliment your weaknesses. 
  2. Someone with a track record and experience is going to foresee challenges arising and be able to steer you to safety during your investment.  
  3. Look for a diverse set of strengths in a partnership team and understand who is playing which role. 
  4. By creating a solid team partnership you’re able to drastically reduce execution risk. 


The Power of Partnerships – Steven Pesavento Transcription:

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