The Power of Coaching and Mentorship – Jens Nielson

August 16


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We are excited to have Jens Nielson joins us today.  He is the principal at Open Doors Capital and a full-time real estate investor.  Jens is passionate about teaching and helping others achieve success. He is a Certified High-Performance Coach and uses his knowledge and skills to coach and train new students in multifamily real estate investing. Listen as we discuss strategies you can implement in order to up your game as both investor and operator.



  1. Utilizing or creating “pain” in order to make that mindset shift
  2. There is power in utilizing a coach or mentor in order to help you not fall back on old patterns
  3. The questions you can ask yourself in order to develop that vision of who you are and what you would like to do
  4. The difference between coaching, mentoring, and consulting 


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About Today’s Guest

Jens Nielson immigrated from Denmark in 1996 and after a successful career in IT, he followed his passion for real estate and coaching and is now a full-time real estate investor and coach. He is currently a direct owner or General Partner in over 1,100 apartment units around the country, valued at over $100M.

The locations of the investments range from growth markets like Atlanta & Phoenix to cash flow markets like Albuquerque, Cleveland, and Erie.

Given his long IT and management background, Jens focuses on underwriting, market analysis, capital raising, IT solutions, and system support for the deals he is involved in.

Jens has also passively invested in 16 syndications/private investments, spanning over 800 apartment units, 2,000 mobile park lots, and over 6,000 storage units plus mortgage note funds and private money lending.

His mission is to get more people to invest in private placements for strong cash-flow and equity growth, and his company mission is to “Open Doors to your secure financial future through multifamily investing.”

He lives in New Mexico with his wife and two dogs. When he is not looking for the next deal, Jens is riding his bike, skiing, or hiking.



The Power of Coaching and Mentorship – Jens Nielson Transcription:

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