The Power of Beliefs

December 27


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Here we go again – taking a look into those parts of our mind that hold power over our results…and 95% of the time we’re not even aware of what’s happening. This time we’re talking about beliefs. Beliefs are those things that make up who we are as a person, and have a HUGE impact over what our life looks like. Join us today to hear some quick, actionable things you can do to start getting your belief system in harmony with your goals. 


  1.  95% of our actions come from our subconscious mind – which means only 5% of our actions are conscious decisions!
  2. Ask yourself: “why haven’t I ______?”. On the other side of this issue is a limiting belief
  3. Awareness of our belief system is the first step in change
  4. Beware of the “Slug-Bug” effect! (listen to hear what this is!)

The Power of Beliefs Transcription:

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