The Key To Raising Money: Building Relationships

December 29


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If you want to be a successful investor and capital raiser then you’re not going to want to miss this episode. Dan Zitofsky shares great insights on how to raise capital, avoid “muddy waters” and bring value to your business.

Show Notes

Dan Zitofsky is a real estate investor focused on raising private capital. Over the years he’s flipped 1000’s of houses, worked in commercial real estate, plus he’s the author of the book Passive to Prosperous.

Dan’s driving purpose is to be there for his wife and his kids, and to leave a legacy that makes a difference.


  1. Success (in the long run) isn’t about the money
  2. Find a way to add value to everyone you want to work with 
  3. Be different 
  4. Don’t buy into the “scared money” limited mindset 


  1. The Banker’s Code – George Antone (
  2. Passive to Prosperous – Dan Zitofsky (

Keystone Habits: 

  1. Stay focused in vision


The Key To Raising Money: Building Relationships Transcription:

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