The Importance of Unplugging – Steven Pesavento

July 22


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In this modern world where the smartphone seems like a permanent extension of one’s hands, it can be extremely difficult to disconnect and pay more attention to what’s going on around you. Find out more about our investing opportunities here 


The smartphone is truly one of the greatest inventions of our time. Today, you can do almost anything on a smartphone, be it checking your emails, making phone calls, looking at social media, and so much more. It provides convenience, ease, and a level of access like no other. But despite these benefits, these are exactly the things that make us so dependent on our phones.


For this week’s installment of Mindset Minutes, we go over the importance of disconnecting from the online sphere, particularly from our phones. If you have trouble unplugging from social media, work emails, or your group chats, this short episode can serve as the best reminder for you to just put the phone down and reconnect with real life. 


1. Even short moments that we spend on electronics can be enough to pull us away from the connections around us.

2. While electronics are extremely useful in this modern world, they can take us away from what is in front of us.

3. Find ways to unplug, be it deactivating social media, downloading a VPN, or simply putting your phone away.

4. Use the tools—don’t allow them to use you. 


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