The Importance of Sticking to Your Numbers – Steven Pesavento

July 29


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With inflation rising and inventories getting smaller, the competition is high across almost all types of markets. In this episode, let’s talk about why you need to set your limits and the importance of sticking to them in all kinds of deals. Find out more about our investing opportunities here 

We’re back with another installment of Mindset Minutes. In this episode, we focus on the importance of setting your limits and knowing how to stick to them—especially in a highly competitive market that we’re currently operating in. Why? Because by knowing high you are willing to go, you will be better able to make smart investment decisions, bid only when you can, and know when to say ‘no’.

If you don’t know where your limit is or simply do not know when to pass on a deal, this is an episode you shouldn’t miss. 


1. High competition can be a good thing, especially in the multifamily market.
2. When working in a competitive environment, you need to know what your limit is.
3. Determine how high are you willing to go and stick to it.
4. You need to make sure that you return what you promised to your investors.
5. Setting a high bar does not mean you always have to pass up on deals; it often means that you are pursuing something truly valuable.

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