The BiggerPockets Way of Raising Capital

December 29


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Do you know the 3 keys to landing the deals you want in real estate (and investing in general)? Today Brandon Turner shares some super simple insights and action items to help you jump into the world of capital raising and be successful!


  1. Real estate is a hustle business
  2. You MUST have knowledge of your subject in order to raise money
  3. You can be conservative, but you can’t ALWAYS take the most conservative approach
  4. Present yourself (your business/website etc) the way you want to be received. Pay attention to detail, it matters!
  5. Have a VIVID vision of where you want to be


  1. Unscripted – MJ DeMarco (
  2. Profit First – Mike Michalowicz (
  3. Deep Work – Cal Newport (
  4. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki  (
  5. The Wealthy Gardener – John Soforic (
  6. Vivid Vision – Cameron Herold (  



Show Notes

Brandon Turner is the founder of Open Door Capital LLC, VP of Marketing for BiggerPockets, and a best-selling real estate author worldwide. Over the past decade, Brandon has established a strong track record investing in multifamily, including apartments and mobile home park assets. In addition to his accomplishments in investing and publishing, Brandon is also the host of the BiggerPockets podcast, which is the most downloaded real estate podcast in the world.

Brandon achieved financial independence at age 27 and currently resides in Maui with his wife and two children. He has several driving purposes: he started with the ambition to be successful enough that he had the time and freedom to be present in every moment in his kids’ lives, plus have the freedom to travel.

Today his driving purpose is to find happiness by continuing to chase the moving target of success.

The BiggerPockets Way of Raising Capital Transcription:

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