The Bigger Your Dreams, The Bigger Your Purpose – Mark Minard

October 11


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Mark Minard had a huge pivotal realization after getting into trouble that led him to almost dying and being in jail at the age of 17.  He started his shift from “who you thought you were and who you could be” into “who you are today”.  Listen to his story as Steven and Mark discuss the importance of mindset and finding your purpose.  

Key Takeaways

  1. Real friends push you to be a better version of yourself
  2. Perspective is so important because we can often fall into the comparison trap. We should be comparing ourselves to who we were not who others are.
  3. If you’re going through adversity, fear, or doubt, it usually means that you’re on the right path
  4. You’ve actually gotten through 100% of every adversity in the past that you never thought you could get through.
  5. Getting surrounded by people you can connect with is really powerful  

Resources Mentioned

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About our Guest:

Being in jail at age 17, Mark learned to elevate above the circumstances, owner/founder, CEO of Dreamshine, changing lives for individuals with special needs since 2007, #1 Best Selling Author, Host of iTunes Top 100, Elevating Beyond Podcast, Mark brings 13  years + of real, raw, in the trenches experience of winning in your business, in your leadership, your finances, challenging you in all areas of life to go to the next level, and beyond!

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The Bigger Your Dreams, The Bigger Your Purpose – Mark Minard Transcription:

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