The 5 Benefits of Investing in Real Estate – Steven Pesavento

April 25


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Real Estate has five fundamental benefits that make this asset class stand out from the rest. Each benefit on its own is powerful, yet together they make real estate the smartest and most reliable investment you can make. 

Key Takeaways

  1. The first benefit is cash flow – The more cash flow you build up, the more you can achieve financial freedom
  2. The second benefit is the ability to use leverage, it’s one of the biggest values of being an investor in Real Estate. If you are an expert in your market, you’re going to know what’s going on in these different neighborhoods. You’ll have the ability to be an inside trader
  3. The third benefit is equity growth – this occurs every single month that your tenant pays your mortgage, and you’re paying down that principal
  4. The fourth benefit is appreciation – There’s never been a time where there’s no appreciation in Denver Real Estate over the long term
  5. The fifth is tax benefits – In real estate, you’re leaving one of the biggest benefits on the table 
  6. Wealth is having a net worth on paper, it’s in the assets you hold
  7. As real estate professionals, you should never be in a position to pay taxes no matter how much money you make, as long as you invest enough and buy enough assets

The 5 Benefits of Investing in Real Estate – Steven Pesavento Transcription:

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