Truth About Focus, Failure, and Perseverance

December 27


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Failure is a common theme among entrepreneurs and investors, and if you take a look through most successful people’s stories they’ll give a nod to some experience in their past that made them who they are today. In today’s episode Steve Libman shares his story, and the wisdom he’s learned through failure on how to hone in on what really matters and relentlessly chase your goals.


  1. Be relentless about getting to your goal
  2. Don’t split your focus: eliminate distractions
  3. If you’re running this business for freedom, it should also be for enjoyment
  4. Get around people doing well at what you want to do!


  1. The Bible (
  2. Never Split the Difference – Chris Voss (


  2. Youtube (
  3. Facebook: @IntegrityHG

Show Notes:

Steve Libman is an incredibly experienced investor who spent years wholesaling, flipping and developing residential land and is now solely focused on raising capital for large commercial projects.

Steve is an active member on the board at his church, sits on the Rutgers advisory board (on design thinking), and has been published in Forbes multiple times this year. He credits his grandfather as his first mentor, and since then several successful investors in the industry have been mentors for him. He looks at life through an eternal lens, and says his purpose is to be a light for people in a dark place, and plant seeds of eternal hope with them through his business, goals, and life.


Truth About Focus, Failure, and Perseverance Transcription:

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