Don’t Think. Just Do: Success by Action

December 23


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If you think that because you’re not born into the right family, or the right situation, you can’t achieve huge success, Sterling White is the man to show you otherwise. From his beginnings – growing up with a single mom and living in Section 8 housing – to now he runs a company with over 400 units under management and has authored a book, Sterling has smashed through the ceiling of limiting beliefs, and proven that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


  1. The Maverick Mindset – Doug Hall


  3. From Zero to 400 Units

Show Notes

Sterling White is a Multifamily Syndicator with over 400 units under management. His company, Holdfolio, employs a direct-to-seller marketing strategy in the multifamily space and has had great success. He’s been a long-time contributor to the BiggerPockets community (with over 200 posts) and was recently featured on the BiggerPockets Podcast episode 308.

Sterling came from humble beginnings, and his first step into real estate came through a friend’s father’s construction company. He has since been involved in the single-family space buying and selling over 100 properties before switching to commercial. He just released a new book “From Zero to 400 Units”, be sure to check out this link to get your copy!

Sterling’s driving force is his awareness of mortality, as well as a driving desire to give his 6-year-old daughter the childhood and life he never had the chance of. One of his biggest goals is to be “the ideal” for the people still in the place he grew up, to show them that there is a better way, and that they CAN become something.


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