Stay Hungry! The Key to Success and Fulfilling Your Potential (Encore) – Brent Daniels

January 13


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Ever landed in a bad spot and had no idea how to get out of it? (let’s say, $750k in debt with the market falling) If you’re ready to fulfill your potential and really see success then today’s episode with Brent Daniels is where you need to be. Jump in, and take action!

Key Takeaways:

  1. The most important part about education is applying it
  2. If you’re taking action every single day, it totally cuts through all the anxiety and stress
  3. You take action, You get results – That’s your Education
  4. The right mindset about rejection and how to deal with it
  5. Learn some of the biggest challenges that new investors and new wholesalers fall into
  6. Discover some of Brent’s keystone habits that have led to this foundation for his success


  1. The Go-Giver, Bob Burg & John David Mann (
  2. The Financial Matrix – Orrin Woodward (

About Our Guest:

Brent Daniels is a multi-million dollar real estate wholesaler based in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s the creator of TTP (Talk To People), a simple, low-cost, and incredibly effective telephone marketing program. Brent has personally coached over 1,000 wholesalers enrolled in his “Cold Calling Mastery” training and has helped 10,000s of others who listen to him host the Wholesaling Inc. podcast, watch his YouTube channel, and attend his live events.

Brent says that untapped potential is one of the worst things he could imagine, so his purpose every day is to make sure he reaches his own full potential.


Stay Hungry! The Key to Success and Fulfilling Your Potential (Encore) – Brent Daniels Transcription:

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