Smart Use of Leverage in Multifamily Real Estate

December 29


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What is smart leverage, what does it mean, and why is it such a poor idea to use leverage in the stock market? We’ll cover this and more in today’s Multifamily investing-focused episode!

In today’s episode, you’ll learn what Smart Leverage is and why you might want to use it.


  1. Smart leverage can greatly increase your returns
  2. Only use leverage when you have control
  3. Educate yourself! Education on a subject = power



Show Notes

Smart Leverage in Real Estate offers you control, that you can’t find through Stocks or other forms of Paper investments. These are especially available in Multifamily, as typically banks take on 65-85% of the cost of a property. As an owner, you’re in control of this property’s destiny and therefore in control of your investment future.

Plus, listen to the example of how a leveraged return dramatically increases the overall ROI on an investment deal.

The key here is using Smart Leverage, as Robert Kiyosaki preaches. Make sure your operation team is in control of your investments when using leverage.

Smart Use of Leverage in Multifamily Real Estate Transcription:

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