SINGLE FAMILY VS MULTIFAMILY PART 3: Pro’s and Con’s of Liquid Investments

December 29


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This week we’re diving into part 3 of our Single Family VS Multifamily mini-series and asking: What are the benefits of Liquidity in an investment? 

There are some clear pros and con to each. Yet what’s most important is being clear upfront about which one is right for you. Maybe you want to step off the rollercoaster of emotion and invest in an asset for the long term or perhaps it’s more important that you can sell quickly. All this and more are covered in episode 125! 


  1. Single-family is more liquid because it sells faster than multifamily 
  2. If you need to free up cash quickly then single-family is for you 
  3. Multifamily is a more stable investment because it can’t be sold quickly in a panic. 
  4. Removing the emotional component is key – so knowing yourself & your goals first will help you reach success. 
  5. Trust operators with your investment. They only get paid if you do!


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SINGLE FAMILY VS MULTIFAMILY PART 3: Pro’s and Con’s of Liquid Investments Transcription:

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