Raising Capital for Real Estate – Hunter Thompson

December 31


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There’s an art and science to capital raising for commercial real estate and this week’s guest Hunter Thompson is an absolute expert at this. Jump in for some amazing advice. Learn About Investing Together at https://investormindset.com/invest

Hunter Thompson has raised over $30M for over $90M in real estate and he’s here to give us his secrets on building relationships at scale. We go into his “attract, educate, nurture, close” process and why this is much more effective than just focusing on traditional sales techniques. The aim here is for investors to come to YOU… not you continuously chasing them. This episode is going to give you a ton of information on how to grow your capital raising game the smart way.

Hunter is a full-time real estate investor and founder of Asym Capital, a private equity firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. Since founding Asym Capital, he has raised more than $35 million and directed the purchase of more than $90 million of commercial real estate across a variety of asset classes. He is the author of Raising Capital for Real Estate: How to Attract Investors, Establish Credibility, and Fund Deals. Hunter is also the host of the Cash Flow Connections Real Estate Podcast which is frequently listed in the top 200 Investing podcasts on iTunes.

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  1. Over the last 10 years we’ve seen a tidal wave of interest in passive investing.
  2. Being able to raise capital is the most lucrative and sought-after skill in the entire sector.
  3. It’s not scalable, replicable or lucrative to go around trying to convince people to invest with you.
  4. You have to create a lead nurture mechanism that allows you to use the same resources over and over again so that your time isn’t required on a one on one basis. This is called the: attract, educate, nurture, close process. This can be done via podcasts, email blasts, YouTube channels, books etc
  5. Consistency is far more powerful than the channel itself. So pick a medium that you feel comfortable with and something that you’re going to be able to do consistently.
  6. It’s critical that you move the people from your medium to your sales list.
  7. Each investor has a specific way of being moved into taking action which can sometimes be broken down into senses. So we want to have our communication available to people in thier favorite medium.
  8. The concept of time is so critical because when a deal is available you need to raise the money in a short amount of time. It doesn’t matter how much money you can raise, if you can’t do it in time you’ll lose out to a competitor.
  9. Some people believe that by reading sales books they’re going to win through rebuttals but what they should be doing is focusing on the attract, educate, nurture, close process.
  10. Pick a single thing that you’re good at and be “that” guy.


The Passive Investing Playbook – https://investormindset.com/passive

Raising Capital for Real Estate in Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Raising-Capital-Real-Estate-Credibility/dp/1712882120


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hunterthompsoncfc/

Cash Flow Connections Website: https://cashflowconnections.com/

Learn more about investing with Steven at https://investormindset.com/invest


Raising Capital for Real Estate – Hunter Thompson Transcription:

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