From Pro Athlete To Pro Entrepreneur – The Best Never Stop Training

December 28


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What do pro athletes and pro entrepreneurs have in common? Today Rachael Rapino, pro soccer player turned business owner, shares some great insights and tips from her career and successful pivot into the business world!


  1. Get obsessed! If you’re not in love with some aspect of your business you may need to re-evaluate
  2. You can’t do it alone. Find the right people to fill gaps in your business and let them work
  3. Don’t go into partnership with anyone who doesn’t bring equal passion to the project
  4. Have KPI’s so you can track your wins!

Keystone Habits:

  1. Always finds time for movement (exercise) every day 
  2. Fuels her body (eats for nutrition)
  3. Meditation 
  4. Protects balance in her life 



Show Notes

Rachael Rapinoe is a Serial entrepreneur and retired professional athlete who’s focused her attention on building business as the CEO of Mendi. 

Rachael brings extensive experience competing and training with elite athletes, truly understanding the human body and the role recovery has in performance. She has used these skills to successfully pivot into the business world where she’s run multiple successful companies.

As one of six children, Rachael learned teamwork and hard work from a young age, and she is still driven by the purpose of providing for her family and making sure they’re provided for. 


From Pro Athlete To Pro Entrepreneur – The Best Never Stop Training Transcription:

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