Practice the Plan. Put the Plan Into Practice.

December 30


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Aloha Mindsetters! This week we’re looking at how to practice the plan and put the plan into practice. We look at how to: draft a plan, organize our ideas, create steps, prioritize, and last but not least, set and achieve crucial deadlines for our goals. If you’re not sure where you’re headed next… then I’m here to help steer the ship in the right direction.

My goal is to help and empower over one million people to live a better life through real estate… so jump in and join the community for free so we can move forward and achieve great things together!

Show Notes

  1. We have to know where we’re going.
  2. Be clear on what you want and WHY you want it.
  3. It’s not just about the plan, but the practice of building the plan and then putting that plan into practice.
  4. Capture and brainstorm the plan on paper or a digital doc… in detail.
  5. Categorize into chunks so we can be clear and prioritize.
  6. Start eliminating and prioritizing steps.
  7. Once you have all the above ready… set deadlines.
  8. Schedule an hour a day for reviewing what you achieved.
  9. Create goals to achieve for your week.


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Practice the Plan. Put the Plan Into Practice. Transcription:

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