Personal Development Lessons – Julie Lam & Annie Dickerson

February 4


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In an ever changing world one of the most important things we can do is to get into a community and learn how to deal with and drive through uncertainty so we can change our lives for the better.

In this episode we dive into the importance of personal investment and how even though it can be costly, it’ll be one of the best things that you’ve ever done in business and also in your personal life. Julie and Annie take us through their inspiring story of how they took action after realizing that they didn’t want to be stuck in a frustrated readymade life for the next 35 years. After investing in themselves and attending personal development events, it totally changed their lives, not only at work, but also at home. This is a really inspiring episode!

Julie Lam and Annie Dickerson are real estate investing experts with over a decade of real estate investing experience. Julie and Annie are co-founders and​ ​managing partners of Goodegg Investments, a company that helps people invest passively in real estate syndications. Together, they have helped hundreds of investors around the country to invest passively in commercial real estate assets in strong, growing markets.

Julie and Annie are authors of the book ​Investing For Good: The Surprising Strategy For Building Wealth While Also Making An Impact,​ co-hosts of the podcast Investing For Good, and creators of the Real Estate Accelerator (, a top-rated online course designed to help people learn how to scale and grow their private real estate investments.

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1. When you go into the world of entrepreneurship, you’re the boss, and that’s why personal development and mindset growth are so important, because when you’re on your own… it’s up to YOU to find that motivation, drive and to get the most out of yourself and your business.
2. Ask yourself if what you’re doing is actually what you really want to do. Follow your internal voice.
3. After how tough last year was, this year is going to be one the most important years in your life for getting into the right mindset.
4. We all have one or two main fears and those are: Am I enough? And if I’m not enough will I be loved?
If you can understand why you’re doing the things you’re doing, then you can start to modify and change who you are and what actions you’re actually taking-
5. At the core everyone wants the same thing: They want to be connected to others, they want to have community and they want to be loved by others.
6. If you lead with significance and certainty first, why not try to change this to contribution and growth? This will give you the insight to be able to understand others and while understanding yourself.
8. In society today people are always looking to change others so that they don’t feel a certain way. It’s so disempowering to have to look around and say “don’t say that, it makes me feel uncomfortable. Don’t do that it makes me feel uncomfortable.”. We can take back the power though, by changing the way we feel simply by changing the meaning that’s associated with a situation.
9. “If you can’t, then you must.” – Tony Robins


Investing For Good: The Surprising Strategy for Building Wealth While Also Making an Impact:

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