Passive Investing Made Simple – Anthony Vicino

July 26


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Becoming a passive investor is often easier said than done since most investments start out as active. But by applying the right strategies, you can simplify passive investing in more ways than one. Find out more about our investing opportunities here 

This week, we have the pleasure of speaking to Anthony Vicino. Anthony is a multifamily real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, author, co-founder of Invictus Capital, and co-host of the Multifamily Investing Made Simple podcast. Having grown up with high expectations from those around him, Anthony always strove to be the best—until he learned why doing his best is much better.

In this episode, Anthony shares his wealth of knowledge on making passive investing easier, particularly in the multifamily field. We go over the importance of understanding where you are in the investment cycle, determining the purpose of each investment, and how to make educated decisions. He also shares some valuable tips on how to find the right operators, figure out what is asking for too much, and make passive investing as hassle-free as possible.

Whether you are an active investor or an aspiring passive investor, this episode contains some of the best insights on real estate investing as a whole, so don’t miss out!


1. Understand what it is you are trying to achieve.
2. Without understanding the purpose of the investment, you cannot make a good decision.
3. The right operator is going to recognize if they have the right product for you or not.
4. Figure out what integrity means to you and see if the operator’s belief aligns with yours.
5. By being able to say no, you will be better able to say yes to the right sponsors, investors, and operators.

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