Other People’s Mistakes Can Be Your Most Important Lessons – Mike Morawski

July 1


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Life does not end until you breathe your last breath. In this week’s episode, let’s hear the story of Mike Morawski, and how he bounced back from a grave mistake that almost cost him everything. Find out more about our investing opportunities here www.vonfinch.com/invest 


Mike Morawski is a real estate investor and coach that boasts over 30 years of experience in the industry. From building pools to renovating houses, he started investing in real estate with little to no experience under his belt. Nevertheless, he managed to build a highly successful business—but he made a grave mistake along the way, and it almost took away everything in his life.

Through resilience, drive, and sheer will, Mike bounced back and is now an extremely successful investor and real estate coach. In this episode, he shares his story from having everything to losing it all, to coming back out better than ever before. He shares insights on modeling successful people’s behavior, maintaining open communication with sponsors, and more importantly—learning from one’s mistakes.

Sometimes, certain events in our lives can feel like the end of the world. But Mike is living proof that no matter how big your mistake is, there is always a path to redemption. 



1. If you want to be as successful as someone else, model their behavior.
 2. Look at other people’s mistakes and learn from them.
 3. Maintaining open communication with your investors can mean the difference between success and utter failure.
 4. Being conservative in business is imperative to maintaining security.

Mike Morawski Official Website: https://mikemorawski.com/

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Other People’s Mistakes Can Be Your Most Important Lessons – Mike Morawski Transcription:

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