One Step Clearer: A Conversation – Steven Pesavento 

September 21


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Your success really comes down to getting clear on what you want and why you want it so that you can start putting yourself in the situations that allow you to start creating the life that you actually want to live. Join Steven as he shares his thoughts on how and why you should get clarity into your daily decision-making. 

Key Takeaways

  • When  making a decision you have to ask “does this next step make sense?”  The answer is it only makes sense if it fits the specific outcomes that you’re looking for.
  • Sit down and ask yourself, “what do we want? Why do we want it?”  Use why as a clarifier of what so it allows you to get more and more clear.
  • You may want to take advantage of the momentum you are experiencing but what is that you are sacrificing to do so?

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One Step Clearer: A Conversation – Steven Pesavento  Transcription:

Steven Pesavento 00:05
This is the Investor Mindset podcast and I'm Steven Pesavento. For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with understanding how we can think better, how we can be better, and how we can do better. And each episode we explore lessons on motivation and mindset for the most successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs in the nation.

Steven Pesavento 00:24
Hello Investor Mindset community Steven Pesavento your host of the Investor Mindset podcast here. And today, I want to do something a little bit different, moved into a new home, setting up the new studio, and wanted to record this episode, to simply talk about something that is been on my mind working with a couple clients talking about some of the things that they've been going through. And I want to just share some thoughts that I think will help each and every one of you guys listening. And what that really comes down to is getting really, really clear on what you want and why you want it. So that you can start putting yourself in the situations that allows you to start creating the life that you actually want to live. And here's a great example, I've got a phenomenal client, he's making a ton of money in his business, and he's interested in investing passively. In real estate, I also happen to be working with him. On the coaching side, I only work with a couple people, but I do it because it really, you know, fills me up inside to see these changes happen. But I'm in conversation with them, his business is growing things are going well. But he's at this point where there's big opportunities right in front of him to see some massive growth. And he's reaching out and he's grabbing those things he's grabbing for, though, that growth, he's grabbing for that ego, that opportunity to see something go to another level, that opportunity to tell people that he's doubled the size of his business, that some of these things are moving in that direction. Simultaneously, what I'm hearing out of his mouth is that I wish I had more time to spend with my kids, I wish I had more time to spend with my wife, I am drowning in needing to do other people's jobs, because our operation needs to be tighter, because I just don't have people around me that I can fully trust. And we've all been there. And we all go through this time as business owners, or as you know, high paid professionals, we're working around other people, you know, we want to work around people who are smart and are getting things done. And we want to continue to grow, we want that that little hit that little dopamine hit that we all know about, where we are told that we're doing something well, that we tell ourselves that we're doing something well that we're proud of that we see those numbers in the bank account continue to grow. And this person has no money issues at all, if anything, they need to take some of that money and actually apply it towards solving some of those problems.

Steven Pesavento 03:08
And so that's what it really comes down to. And that's the message I really want to share today is we talk a lot about the importance of understanding what you want and why you want it and why it's so critical to be clear on these things. Because whether we're going out and we're choosing an investment that we're going to get involved in, whether we're going out and we're dating, and we're choosing our wife or our spouse that we're going to eventually get married to, or whether we are building our business, and we're making that decision does this next step make sense? The answer is it only makes sense if it fits your specific outcomes that you're looking for. So, you know, when we get in these situations where we have a lot of great options in front of us, it's hard to say no, if we're not clear, it's hard to say no to that model, that beautiful girl who just happens to not have the same set of values as you, it's hard to say no to an investment that has a high return profile with somebody that you like. But it doesn't really match your current liquidity or your cash flow or what you actually need. Or it's it's hard to say no to doubling the size of your business, when all you want is that freedom and flexibility and being able to have more fun with your family when the current setup that is going to allow you to say yes to that is going to take away something that you want even more. And so it all comes back down to that core process of really just sitting down and getting clear on what's important. And why is it important right now? When is it going to be important? Right? So when we can sit down and we can ask ourselves, what do we want? Why do we want it? We use y as a clarifier of what so it allows us to get more and more and more clear. And what that is, so that we can understand how, or preferably who can solve that problem for us. And it's so easy to get caught up in this drive for more that sometimes we can miss out on the thing that we actually want.

Steven Pesavento 05:19
So in this case, you know, there's a solution to growing that business to seeing that business double in size without having to take away time from family. But what that's going to mean is, it's going to mean major investment in people, it's going to mean, really putting some of those dollars that have been sitting in the bank to work to create some additional income, that allows him to step out of that business, and to be able to focus on some of those more personal things that are actually more important, because what I found is once you've made 10s of millions of dollars, you know, you oftentimes we have a drive to continue to make more, many of us who are business owners are really growth minded. There is not an end in sight for many, because there's that drive, but maybe there shouldn't be, maybe there should be a focus on what it is that we actually wanted. And can we be fulfilled in that. I'm personally on a never ending growth track. But I personally struggle with this from time to time, because you have some great things happening in front of you, and you want to take advantage of that momentum. But at the expense of what what is it that we're sacrificing. So it's really critical for us to be able to sit down and get clear on that be really intentional, as we move forward in making these individual decisions that are going to guide where our life is going to be.

Steven Pesavento 06:46
And so I highly encourage you, if you haven't, and you're looking at investments to sit down, and really think through some of these things. Or heck, if you're interested, you can always schedule time with me or number, a member of our team for a trusted real estate advisory call where we can dive in to helping you understand what is really important to you from an investing standpoint. So you can create that portfolio to get you where you actually want to go. And you can do that by going to Vaughn And if you're an accredited investor, you can immediately schedule some time with us. If you're not, there's some additional questions that are there for you to dive in at Vaughn But at the core of this, it's about sitting down, it's about taking some time to be intentional, and to truly create something greater than yourself something greater than any of us so that you can create that legacy, you can create that life of freedom and flexibility. And, and frankly, you can have a lot more fun. And what I found is guys like me, people like many of you, it's easy to get caught up on the grind. It's easy to get caught up in in making and earning more. But it's important that we carve out some time to enjoy the fruits of our labor, so that there's actually a purpose behind what we're doing here. So we can create that fulfillment, we can create that flexibility, we can create that freedom. Of course, we can do what I just told you have some fun. So thanks for joining us today. I hope you all have a beautiful, amazing day. And I do encourage you to sit down and ask yourself, what's really important to you, and how can you focus today's efforts in that direction

Steven Pesavento 08:35
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