1. Identify your New Life

This Passive Income Vision Guide, will help you answer all these questions, and more, to give you the best foundation starting point for your journey to financial freedom. Success requires clarity of what success looks like for you.

It’s time to create your new life.

This exercise will allow you to discover what you want from your new life, and will inspire purpose in everything you do to get there. That means when you work to earn income, you earn with purpose, and then invest with purpose achieve this new life vision.

Using the following questions as prompts, write down everything you can think of describing your new life. 

These prompts are to inspire you to think, you do not need to answer every one of these questions.

This is your opportunity to outline exactly what you envision for your life. You get to decide whatever you want from life - so let your mind run without limitations. Make it real. Make it emotional. Make it you! Use the following prompts to discover your new life vision.

You aren’t required to answer every question, but rather use them to inspire a deeper thought towards what you want from life. 

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