This is now your guide for your new life. 

You’ll pair this with your Passive Investment Plan, which we teach you how to create within the Passive Income Blueprint program and SO MUCH MORE.

Stop getting distracted by how other people’s lives look on social media, stop letting other people’s goals and priorities influence your own. This is YOUR number, and it is the very real — and very attainable — number that will grant YOU a life that’s designed purely on your desires and goals, and not on sacrifice and concession.

People fail when they don’t know why they’re doing something.
Read that again if you need to.

It’s not about the money — in this day and age, whatever that number is above, it’s attainable.Period.

The reason most people don’t reach their goals is because they’re too focused on what they’re chasing and not on why, or even if they want it. It’s too easy today to chase the wrong thing, arriving at a destination far from the life you want to create.

Now you’ve What you’ve just done is defined, inarguably, a goal that is entirely based on your values, your needs, and your ambition.The next step is building a proven plan that will get you there.

Want to know how to reach your number?

Check out my new program, The Passive Income Blueprint, for more details on how I help people create a financial strategy that serves their goals and gets them there (and beyond).

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