Modeling Success: Invest What You Earn – Steven Pesavento

March 21


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The best place to get started in investing is by modeling the behaviors of those that have achieved prior success in cash flow assets. In today’s episode, Steven takes us through the mindset you need in order to achieve investment success and the formula is easier than you think. 

Key Takeaways

  1. The formula – Take your earned income from your career, invest that into assets, then repeat that over and over again until you’re financially free
  2. The whole investor mindset is to earn money in your business and park that money into cash-flowing assets 
  3. One of the biggest problems with some high performers is they’re not clear on their purpose
  4. Get clear on what you want and why you want it. It will help you decide what path you’re going
  5. Discover the Rich & Wealthy Mindset versus Middle-Class Mindset
  6. Having more money than time versus having more time than money

Modeling Success: Invest What You Earn – Steven Pesavento Transcription:

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