Side-Hustle to Full-Time: It’s Never Too Late to Start

December 23


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If you’ve ever thought the only way to start investing is to quit your 9 – 5, and have felt paralyzed by fear of failure or the unknown, then this is the episode for you. Mike Simmons shares his journey from working in the automotive industry, to running multiple companies and clearing over a million in revenue in his first year of operation. It’s never too late to start! The only time better than starting yesterday, is starting right now!


  1. The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump


  1. Just Start Real Estate Podcast
  2. House Flipping HQ

Show Notes

Mike Simmons is a husband and father of three. He is a huge proponent of multiple streams of income and runs or is involved in several different businesses: Return on Investments (an acquisitions & wholesaling company), he’s a coach with HouseFlipping HQ and 7-Figure Investors, runs the Just Start Real Estate podcast, as well as a real-estate focused bookkeeping company.

Mike didn’t start his entrepreneurial journey until in his late 30’s, when he realized that if he continued on his current trajectory (in the automotive industry) he would literally never be able to retire. He explains how the pain of his situation finally became more than he was willing to put up with, and he used that (and his stubborn competitiveness) as the driving force behind his hustle.

Mike’s passion and drive is his family. He wants to make them proud, and leave a lasting legacy for them for generations.


Side-Hustle to Full-Time: It’s Never Too Late to Start Transcription:

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