Conquering The Can’t Do Mindset

December 28


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We all start somewhere, and sometimes that “somewhere” is a little rougher than average. Michael Green grew up in Baltimore in the Projects, where the generally accepted attitude was “our kind of people don’t…” (you fill in the blank, but usually it’s “make money”, etc). Mike’s life was on a bad track, and when he ended up in prison at 17 he actually came across the book that changed his whole life trajectory. (trust me, you want to listen in)


  1. Be strategic about what you delegate and what you keep
  2. YOU are responsible for everything that happens in your business
  3. You are exactly where you deserve to be
  4. Find a coach in your niche – be selective


  1. Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill (
  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie (


  1. Focuses on the “needle movers”/analyzes the metrics
  2. Losing weight & exercising



Show Notes

Michael Green is a wonderful investor who’s flipped over 1100 homes. He grew up in a tough neighborhood of Baltimore, where he learned firsthand the power of living with a Toxic Mindset. Luckily he got motivated to change his life, which set him on his Investing journey.

Now Mike teaches investors how to get started house flipping, and he is the host of The Flip Factor Podcast.

His purpose has shifted from money focused, to family-focused. Now Mike focuses on helping his family by giving them opportunities and helping to push them forward on their own positive growth journey.


Conquering The Can’t Do Mindset Transcription:

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