From $1 Million Dollar Loss to Investor Tycoon

December 23


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Is there a bad time to get started? Matthew jumped into investing just prior to the 2008 housing collapse, which lead to losing over $1 million dollars as he was getting started. Hear his story about how he thinks about failure, overcomes challenges and what mindset it takes to succeed. This episode is packed full of great insights. Please forgive the lower audio quality of this episode, the content makes up for it 10x.


  1. Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
  2. Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki
  3. Traction, Gino Wickman
  4. The Law of  Success & 16 Lessons (the 1926 version of Think & Grow Rich) **

Show Notes

Mattew Owens CPA, real estate investor and educator has renovated over 700 properties, owns hundreds of units in the Southeast, and runs a non-profit real estate education Meetup & company called “For Investors By Investors” (FIBI). He lives in southern California operating his business remotely from day one with his family.

Matt was inspired to his business by his father, who instilled in him his drive, ethics, and desire to be a better person. After his father passed away from cancer (when Matt was 26), Matt was motivated to change his direction – from being a CPA to being a real estate investor. He started his business in 2006. With some incredible success early on when the market crashed they nearly lost everything, but he did not give up. Losing over a Million dollars in equity and cash, he didn’t give up. Matt turned his energy to not only survive but thrive in this industry, and has built a diversified real estate empire.

The power of mindset and focus is extremely inspiring, and Matt is an amazing example of what it can do when focused correctly.

From $1 Million Dollar Loss to Investor Tycoon Transcription:

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