Beat The Past: The Power Of Mindset

December 27


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When you look at successful people it’s easy to get tricked into thinking that they’ve always been that way – or that they walked a straight path to their success. The truth is that most of the time that’s not even close to the real story. If you’re wondering if it’s possible for you to beat your past, or ever conquer your challenges then you need to tune in today as Mark Owens opens up about his own journey through addiction and homelessness to becoming the successful investor he is today.


  1. Where you came from doesn’t matter
  2. Mindset is EVERYTHING. You can overcome anything, if you believe you can
  3. Don’t do it alone, find community!
  4. Take things in phases and be smart about it


  1. You Can If You Think You Can – Norman Vincent Peale (
  2. The Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale (
  3. Rocket Fuel – Gino Wickman, Mark C Winters (



Show Notes:

Mark Owens is an active Real Estate Investor in the Baltimore Maryland area, where he owns over 100 rental units. Mark was lost in the rat race just trying to figure out his plan until a few months after he bought his first rental (back in 2002).

Since he bought his first rental Mark has fully realized the power of the REI path, and the freedom that comes with it. He learned that you don’t have to follow the same path as your peers, and regardless of what you’ve done in the past you CAN beat it, if you maintain the right mindset.

He is driven to success by a purpose that is greater than money, he is driven to succeed by his desire for freedom: freedom of choice in his life, time freedom, and freedom to focus on what he feels passionate about.


Beat The Past: The Power Of Mindset Transcription:

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