Investing in the Necessities: The Multifamily Mindset

December 23


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Have you ever felt like you’re ready to break the cycle, and want to be the change-maker in your family? If so, this is the episode for you.

Mark came from a family who had food and shelter, but not much else. He had a big family, but took ownership and responsibility for providing for himself, and later his own family. He has gone from barely enough, to becoming a generous and ethical investor in the multifamily space, and has truly accomplished his goal of keeping the wolves of financial lack away.


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Show Notes

Mark is a seasoned multi-family real estate investor living with his wife and children in Dallas TX. He founded Think Multi-Family, a real-estate investing mastermind. His company has purchased over 4000 units over the past few years in 5 different markets. Mark and his identical twin are the youngest of 7 kids. His father worked over 100 hours a week as a firefighter and in a lumber yard.

Mark graduated from Michigan State University, and founded his own IT business, but when the long hours nearly broke his marriage he made a change. He was driven from a young age to break the cycle of lack in his family, and he has done exactly that. His kids have a growth mindset, and it can be tracked directly back to the way Mark operates his life, and business.

Investing in the Necessities: The Multifamily Mindset Transcription:

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