The Power of Knowing Yourself

December 27


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Do you know you? The value of knowing yourself – your personality, your skills and strengths as well as your weaknesses – is often overlooked. Join us today as Liz gives her insight into the importance of being smart and building a smoothly-operating team through truly understanding your own (and your teammates) personality, and strengths!


  1. Start small! Get experience before jumping into a BIG deal
  2. Know yourself, know your limits
  3. Your partners shouldn’t be like you, they should compliment you


  1. Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins (



Show Notes

Liz Faircloth has been managing and investing in real estate with her husband Matt since 2004. She has built their business from scratch, and they now own over five million dollars in residential and commercial assets.

She loves to help and educate investors – so you may already know her from her work with BiggerPockets, on YouTube, and her podcast named The Real Estate InvestHER. Liz credits many of her favorite authors and personal development leaders as her mentors through their books, and she is driven by the purpose of leaving a legacy and making the world a better place.


The Power of Knowing Yourself Transcription:

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