Fear prevents us from taking action. Instead we need to move into a place of faith, of trust.  In this episode, Steven discusses that when we live from a state of fear in our life, it prevents us from really being able to connect closely with our loved ones, or be able to be resourceful in the moment, and really be able to take advantage of making the changes that we need to make, in order to live the very best life we can live.


Key Takeaways

  1. When we give into the fear, we end up giving up our control of our own self will and ability to take action by allowing  others or the outside world to lead us.
  2. As passive investors, you are in a position where trust is a must. Building that understanding and connection along with your expertise, is the path forward.
  3. We are currently living in the best time in history to invest. Seize the faith and trust and move out of fear.

Episode Transcription

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When it comes to investing, living in a state of fear will prevent us from really taking any of the action that we need to in order to get to that end outcome that we want. Whether that outcome is, you know, earning some great cash flows, or our family can live off of that, whether that's growing our wealth and you know, accelerating the appreciation that's possible, or whether it's taking advantage of any of the other benefits that we get to create by diversifying our investments into different types of strategies. When we live from a state of fear in our life, it prevents us from really being able to connect closely with our loved ones, or be able to be resourceful in the moment, and really be able to take advantage of making the changes that we need to make, in order to live the very best life we can live. So in today's episode, we're gonna be talking about how do we overcome this state of fear? How do we start living from a place of trust? How do you live from a place of faith, and what that actually will do for us in the end, and why it's an absolute must that we do it. So let's get into it.

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This is the Investor Mindset podcasts and I'm Steven Pesavento. For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with understanding how we can think better, how we can be better, and how we can do better. And each episode, we explore lessons on motivation and mindset for the most successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs in the nation.

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Fear is around us, we've been going through a state of pandemic a state of fear for the last few years. And for many of us that was triggered earlier, maybe we had some thing that happened or a life that put us into this place, maybe we lost a loved one, maybe we had a bad experience, maybe we got fired from a job. And that put us into this place of needing certainty of needing security of needing to have full control in a world and in a reality where control isn't available. For many of us, when this pandemic kind of set in, some of us either went, Hey, this is the greatest thing that could ever happen, it's going to be my opportunity. And many of us went into this place of Let me grab on to everything that I have and try to hold on to it really closely. And being conservative and looking at things from what can be the worst case scenario can really protect us, it can be really smart. It can be the way that we can be in a place where we ensure that we're protecting our wealth, that we're protecting our money that we're protecting our families, and that we can live to invest another day. On the contrary, when we live in that state of fear can actually hold us back from taking the action we need to take, it can hold us back from making those investments that are available to us right now, and can hold us back from being able to create that beautiful life that we still want to create. And I know myself personally, I, I go back and forth. I live in that state of belief and optimism.

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But lately, I've noticed that for the last few years, as I really reflect on it heading into the end of this years that I've been living in a state of fear. And from that place of fear, what that's led to is being extremely conservative, focusing very much on the downside, playing small, and even in some instances in relationships really being focused on making sure that that I'm in that position of knowing that no matter what, we're going to be good. And that can be great. That can be a really great place to be. But what it really stops us from experiencing, what it can really stop you from experiencing is the great upside that comes from being able to live in this state of trust. When we can live in a state of trust, we can have this faith, this belief that everything in our world is happening for us that everything is happening with a reason that's bringing great things to us that we can live from this place of trusting that things are meant to be and trusting that things will work out, then we can stop being in that state of fear and really being stuck like an anchor in the mud, preventing us from moving forward and really keeping us in the past. There's no reason to beat ourselves up about it because our brain is designed to try to keep us safe. So it makes absolute sense that we'd have some type of experience in our recent past or maybe even many, many, many years ago that was triggered that would bring us into this place of fear. It's especially true during times like today where we turn on the news and their job is to scare us. Their job is to put us into this place of fear. Because the things that people connect to emotionally typically fear is one of the best motivators. So it can be somewhat useful to tap into fear to get us to do things that we otherwise wouldn't do.

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But what how happens is we end up giving up our control of our own self will and ability to take action when we allow others or the outside world to be leading us. So we can live in this state of faith. And we can live in this state of trust, where we can be intelligent, by looking at the opportunity that's in front of us by looking at that scenario that we're dealing with when we can be intelligent to understand all of the information that we need to to make a quality decision. And from that place, trust in our intuition, trust in our gut trust, in our experience, to be able to move forward despite knowing that there is going to be a level of uncertainty, that's where great things will happen. And when it comes to the investing world, that's the only way to really be able to participate. Because the end of the day, we don't have all the information at all times, we only have the information that's available to us, we only have the offer memorandum that we're looking at, we only have the details that are outlined here, we only have the word of the sponsor, or the operator who's telling us how they've looked at this opportunity. As passive investors, you are in a position where trust is a must. So building that relationship building, that understanding connecting with that expertise, and deciding Is this a path I want to move forward on is a must. But it's even as true when we're engaging in relationships with our friends, family loved ones, when we're engaging in new activities and habits that we're creating so that we can create this amazing, great life. So we can live like no other people live by doing the things that most people won't do, and being able to reap the benefits. And the only way that we can do that is we need to step out of that place of fear. We need to step into trusting ourselves, trusting the universe, if you're a person of faith, trusting God that everything is happening for us, not to us, and that this is actually an opportunity.

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I truly believe from the bottom my soul that right now we're heading into one of the best opportunities in history in order to invest. Many people are living in a state of fear many people are looking at how can they hoard what they have, and they're losing the opportunity that's right in front of them, they're losing and willing to give up so much of that return because they are so focused on holding on to what they have, instead of believing in and recognizing using intelligence to be able to see, what do I like about this? How's the downside protected? How can I make sure that we're in a good spot? And how can I put the right amount to invest into this opportunity, so that I make sure that I'm going to be in a solid place, and then having the faith and the trust that it's going to work out. This doesn't only apply to investing it applies to everything. And when we can live in this place of faith when we can live in this place of trust. When we can believe that everything is happening for us, then we can really enjoy the good life. And we can share those lessons with those around us, especially our loved ones and family ones, family members who are living in that state of fear. Because that's where bad health comes from. That's where stress and anxiety. And right now we're living with the most fear that we've ever seen in our society, in my generation in my timeline. And so it's time for us to let that go. To be able to go into faith to be able to get educated to build that intelligence and to make smart decisions so we can live that good life that we're after.

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