Building A Business Side Hustle For Your Lifestyle

December 28


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Building a Business Side Hustle for Your lifestyle must support the life you want to live. Isn’t it so easy to be anchored back by fear and find ourselves living in a weird balance with no real alignment with our goals? Today Leah and Steven talk about how to actually take steps forward, conquer those fears, and start creating a business to support your life, rather than living in support of your business.


  1. Life doesn’t have to be structured after a 9-5 job
  2. Learn how to ask better questions: Instead of “this can’t happen”, say “how can this happen”
  3. Understand your own unique fears so they can’t hold you back
  4. Fear often happens when values conflict


  1. The Science of Getting Rich – Wallace D Wattles (


Show Notes

Leah Gervais is the Host of Your Biggest Vision Podcast, and the founder of Urban 20 Something. She works with ambitious, budding entrepreneurs all over the world helping them to monetize their existing passions and experiences by packaging them into transformative products and services, and to build their businesses from their laptops with strategic marketing.

She’s developed a mindset to break through challenges to build an incredible life. She believes mentors are incredibly important, because they’ll show you what’s possible when you may not be able to see it yourself.

Leah’s purpose is to make her father proud through carrying out what she believes is her divine assignment to make the absolute most out of herself and her life.


Building A Business Side Hustle For Your Lifestyle Transcription:

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