Know Your “What” & Define Your “Why”

December 30


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We hear a lot about the importance of knowing what you’re after and why you’re after it… but sometimes we really drop the ball on what that truly means. We need to get really clear on what we want, why we want it and how to make it measurable. We need to really emotionally connect to that reason why so our emotion can turn into MOTION… propelling us into success!

So join me and The Investor Mindset community and let’s get clear on our goals, connect to them emotionally and then prove to ourselves that we truly achieved them.

Show Notes

  1. Get really clear on what you want by writing down, on paper, all your ideas.
  2. Once you get clear on what you want you can make it measurable and analyze your results.
  3. Visualize what your potential goals might feel like.
  4. Prioritize what your goals truly really are.
  5. Get really emotionally connected to your reason WHY and that emotion will turn into motion.
  6. “Seven Layers Deep” – keep asking yourself why until you truly understand, in your soul, why you want to achieve that goal.
  7. Define what is most important to you and then schedule your plan.


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Know Your “What” & Define Your “Why” Transcription:

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