From Flipping to Fulfillment Driven Entrepreneurship

November 24


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Learn from Justin’s inspiring story, from being totally broke to living fulfilled with millions: a byproduct of his mindset. Justin Williams is a normal guy just like you and me. He’s faced challenges, but he’s never given up. Flipping over 800 houses he used systems to flip over 100 houses per year on autopilot. He got bored and needed more, so he built one of the top real estate flipping and wholesaling masterminds in the nation with House Flipping HQ.


  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki (
  2. DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson (
  3. The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy (
  4. The E Myth, Michael Gerber (biggest impact (

Show Notes

Justin Williams is a real estate investor who lives with his family in San Clemente, CA. Has been flipping and wholesaling houses for over 12 years, and over that time has flipped more than 800 houses! (his business was flipping about 100/yr). He is the founder of House Flipping HQ, and 7-Figure Flipping Mastermind.


Justin’s passion for business started when he was very young – he was obsessed with earning money and having money grow – he remembers one of his first business opportunities came from convincing his aunt to take him to Costco to buy bulk candy, and then sold it around the neighborhood.


After building his real estate business to the point where it was very systemized and only required him to work a few hours a week he started feeling anxious (and actually a bit depressed) and realized he was looking for what was next – and the fulfilling next step for him was to give back. Justin has great wisdom in real estate investing, but he has incredible insight on overcoming limiting beliefs, the incredible value of education (both paid and free) and balance of life and goals.

From Flipping to Fulfillment Driven Entrepreneurship Transcription:

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