Kill The Ego: The Road to Owning A Half Billion Dollars of Apartment Units: Joe Fairless

December 23


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Joe Fairless is a savvy investor with over half a billion dollars of property under management. He has learned how to build and scale a company, while focusing on the things that make them great – and without adding the weight of people management. Joe’s insight into how to filter advice, as well as use negativity as fuel are inspiring, and his stories of approaching each new challenge with a “this can be conquered” attitude can be put into action in nearly any circumstance.

Joe Fairless is a name synonymous with success in the realm of real estate investment. This post will examine Joe Fairless’ rise to success in the real estate investment world, exploring how his optimism and team-building tactics at Ashcroft Capital enabled him to overcome obstacles.

We’ll explore how optimism played a pivotal role in shaping Joe’s business strategies and helped him overcome obstacles. A key focus will be on team-building at Ashcroft Capital and the significance of hiring vendors as part-time members for growth.

The narrative then shifts towards making meaningful career choices, highlighting how Fairless left unfulfilling jobs behind to find purpose through entrepreneurship. We will also discuss personal development strategies that have contributed to his success, such as journaling for self-reflection and visualization techniques.

Lastly, we’ll touch upon impactful books and mentors that influenced Joe’s journey towards personal growth and served as sources of inspiration. Stay tuned!

Table of Contents:

Joe Fairless’ Journey to Success

Let’s dive into the fascinating journey of Joe Fairless, a real estate investor with over half a billion dollars under management.

Born and raised in Texas, Joe’s profile reveals humble beginnings that laid the foundation for his success today.

Early life and education

Athletic-minded since youth, Joe obtained wisdom regarding solidarity, determination and fortitude through his high school and college football career.

In fact, Joe Fairless’ profile showcases his transition from being a student athlete at Texas Tech University (TTU) to becoming TTU’s Outstanding Alumni within a few years post-graduation.

The Transition Into Real Estate Investment

After graduating from university, Joe sat back, observed market trends, and decided where his skills could be best utilized.


The Power of Optimism in Business

Joe Fairless knew from early on that a positive mindset was key to success.

Optimists tend to be more successful than pessimists.

How Optimism Fuels Success

Fairless sat back and observed how his optimistic outlook fueled his achievements.

A glass-half-full perspective helped him navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and keep pushing forward even when things got tough.

You’re Offering: Fairless Assumed Students Would Respond Positively

Fairless cut through negativity by assuming positivity in every interaction he had with students at his real estate seminars.

He created an environment where everyone felt valued and motivated – proving that your attitude can indeed shape your reality.

Overcoming Obstacles With Positivity

Positivity isn’t just about feeling good; it’s also about resilience.

Faced with challenges or difficulties (and they will come), a positive outlook can help you get back on track quickly.

In Joe’s Twitter feed @joefairless, 7 times out of 10 tweets are brimming with positivity – showing us all how it’s done.

Remember folks – no matter what life throws at you, keep smiling.


Building Effective Teams for Growth

If there’s one thing that real-estate investor Joe Fairless breaks down to a science, it’s team building.

The secret sauce behind the success of Ashcroft Capital, you ask?

It’s all about focusing on relationship-building and leveraging individual strengths.

Role Division at Ashcroft Capital

Ashcroft operates under Fairless investing principles which place high emphasis on role division.

Joe Fairless presents himself as an executive who is hands-on with investors but lets his capable team handle property management aspects.

Importance of Hiring Vendors as Part-Time Members

Fairless knew early in his career that he couldn’t do everything alone. He sat back and evaluated what was needed to build a successful business empire.

That’s why hiring vendors became part-time members – bringing their expertise into play.

Making Meaningful Career Choices

Joe Fairless knew that the advertising world wasn’t for him. He wished to avoid pushing products on people that weren’t necessary.

Despite a successful career, he yearned for something more fulfilling and impactful. So he said goodbye to the world of ads and hello to real estate.

A change was needed, and Joe made it happen.

Leaving Unfulfilling Jobs Behind

The real Joe created his own destiny when he quit his job in New York City’s bustling ad scene. No more selling snake oil.



Personal Development Strategies

If you’ve ever checked out Joe Fairless’s Twitter feed @joefairless, you’ll see he’s all about personal growth.

One technique that has shaped Joe as an internally driven individual is daily journaling.

Journaling for Self-Reflection

Fairless takes time each day to jot down his thoughts and reflections, keeping him grounded amidst his bustling real estate career.

This practice brings clarity to what’s working in his business, where improvements can be made, and how he feels about the progress being made.

The Power of Visualization Techniques Used by Joe

Besides journaling, another powerful tool in Fairless’s self-improvement arsenal is visualization techniques like vision boards.

You might think it sounds cliche, but creating a visual representation of your goals can have profound effects on your subconscious mind, helping align actions with ambitions more effectively.

Nourishing The Body And Mind With Wheatgrass Water Every Morning

In addition to mental exercises like these, Fairless also believes strongly in physical health.

He starts every morning with wheatgrass water – a habit that provides necessary nutrients for bodily functions and sets the tone for maintaining discipline throughout the rest of the day.

Next, let’s explore the books and mentors that have had a major impact on Joe as he became an accomplished businessperson. Stay tuned.


Influential Reads for Personal Growth

Joe Fairless, like many successful individuals, credits books for his growth. One standout is ‘Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High’.

This book reveals how effective communication transforms relationships – a vital skill in real estate where negotiation is key.

The Impact of ‘Crucial Conversations’

Fairless mastered difficult conversations with ease, staying composed under pressure. Essential for dealing with investors or tenants in joe fairless’ single-family rentals.

Inspiring Role Models

Mentors shape our perspectives and guide us to success. Joe Fairless looks up to those who’ve walked the path before him, like syndication expert Theo Hicks.

Joe even volunteers as an adjunct professor, sharing knowledge from outstanding alumni in the Cincinnati chapter. Learning and giving back.



Joe Fairless’ journey to success in real estate investment is a testament to the power of optimism and making meaningful career choices.

His ability to overcome obstacles with positivity has fueled his growth, while building effective teams at Ashcroft Capital has been instrumental in his success.

Joe’s commitment to personal development through journaling and visualization techniques has allowed him to continually grow as an entrepreneur.

Along the way, impactful books and mentors have provided inspiration and guidance.

Joe Fairless’ journey offers valuable insight for ambitious professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors alike who strive to reach their full potential.

Embracing optimism, building strong teams, making purposeful career choices, prioritizing personal development, and seeking guidance from influential figures can all contribute towards achieving your own version of success.


  1. Mistakes Millionaires Make – Harry Clark
  2. Crucial Conversations – By (author) Joseph Grenny, By (author) Ron McMillan, By (author) Al Switzler By (author) Kerry Patterson

Kill The Ego: The Road to Owning A Half Billion Dollars of Apartment Units: Joe Fairless Transcription:

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