Failing Forward: Perseverance Through Adversity

December 28


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If you do anything, ever, you’re going to run into challenges. The path to success looks different for everyone, but we keep hearing the same thing as the key to surviving the process: mindset. Today, Jim Maffuccio takes us through his success journey – what it was like having to restart TWICE (and once after 50), and how his mindset has enabled him to create a thriving business even despite the mega challenges he’s faced.


  1. Don’t take failure personally, learn from it!
  2. Don’t let your identity get tied up in what you’re doing, success or failure
  3. Be willing to let go of the things that you’re not good at, or that aren’t your highest and best use
  4. Model the people you want to be like


  1. The Bible (



Keystone Habits:

  1. Prayer
  2. Communication
  3. Continuous analysis of business KPI’s

Show Notes

Jim Maffuccio has enjoyed a long and successful career in real estate and has some battle scars to prove it. Today, as Founder and Principal of Aspen Funds, he’s drawing on his over 30 years of real estate experience in a way that many haven’t discovered. Jim has become an expert on mortgage notes and is helping investors earn high yields every month without the built-in volatility of traditional investment options.

Jim is a man of integrity and faith, and his key motivator – as well as the marker of success for him – is living a life in line with what he believes God intended for him. He is striving every day to fulfill that plan.


Failing Forward: Perseverance Through Adversity Transcription:

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