Great Mindset In A Family Business

December 23


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Ever thought about working with family or your spouse in business? Jason Yarusi has a generation of experience and in this episode, he shares lessons learned and so much more.


  1.  Can’t Hurt Me, David Goggins



Show Notes

Jason is a real estate investor and entrepreneur based out of New Jersey with his wife and three kids. He and his wife met while working in and running bars together in NYC and now run multiple businesses together side-by-side. Those businesses include: Flipping houses, wholesaling, large multifamily, Heavy Construction and a Restaurant & Brewery just to name a few.

With his father, brother and several other family members he runs a house moving & lifting heavy construction business. Working so closely with family has taught him the importance of great communication in relationships and setting clear roles. Working with family is hard – it’s tough to separate family and business, especially when they’re aligned.

Jason is inspired by his father and watching his father’s work ethic growing up; “Dad had one pace – do it, do it right, get it done”. His drive is building a lifestyle for his family that can be passed down through generations, but also building a business that allows him to give back. Together with his wife Pili they host the REI Foundation Podcast.

Great Mindset In A Family Business Transcription:

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