Investment Summary – Track Record & Deal Structure

December 29


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This week we’re going to focus on the investor summary. This is an all-in marketing piece that outlines the core business plan, explains the underwriting assumptions, along with sharing photos and the overall strategy of the investment. This is an essential document and a key element that you need to understand and have a solid grasp of when investing with an operator.

So join me and The Investor Mindset community as we dive deep into this subject to get a true understanding of what the investor summary is and how you can use it to your advantage.

Show Notes

  1. Understand what your investment goals actually are and then look at the investment opportunity and analyze how it aligns with those goals.
  2. An equity model typically returns 50% to 75% to the investor. The return percentage is tied to the profit that is expected from the deal. With this model, you can benefit greatly but there’s also the risk of losing capital. 
  3. A preferred return model means that you get paid out before anyone else. For example, a 6% preferred return would mean that you receive the first 6% return and management take the remaining percentage. 
  4. There’s also a hybrid model where you have a preferred return on the front end and another that’s paid out on equity gain. This is a more conservative approach or for investors who want to take a high risk but still have some level of security. 
  5. Another strategy is called the performance hardle. AKA “waterfalls” are when a certain level of return is being provided to investors, at that point in the return structure changes. So if you have 6% preferred return, then no one else will see returns until you have that 6% in full. 
  6. Look at how the sponsors are compensated when it comes to fees. Management will receive fees to “keep the lights on” and manage the property and this is normal… but if they are high… ask why. 


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