Investing in a Security 101 – Gene Trowbridge

December 30


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This week we’ve got an episode PACKED with amazing information and advice from legendary real estate attorney Gene Trowbridge on what to look for when investing into a security deal. ???????? Get The Passive Investing Playbook –

This week our guest is Gene Trowbridge who has over 25 years experience in creating and sponsoring real estate investment groups. We’re diving deep into what goes into the PPM, the operating agreement, and more importantly, what key aspects and elements you need to understand to set realistic expectations for your investment and returns.

Prior to becoming an Attorney, he was a real estate syndicator. He developed numerous mini-storage facilities using money from private investors. In addition to his law practice, Gene is a pre-eminent educator in the world of real estate and syndication. Gene has served as a senior CCIM instructor for a number of years and he has written a comprehensive book on real estate syndication entitled It’s a Whole New Business, which has sold over 10,000 copies. Gene has conducted a number of highly regarded intensive workshops for real estate Syndicators, teaching them how to legally raise money from private investors.

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  1. Accredited investors don’t have protection from the government and a sophisticated investor does.
  2. Key questions to ask the sponsor as an investor:
    • What happens to my money if something happens to you?
    • Have you done this before?
    • Are you putting money into the deal?
    • How do I get my money back if something happens to me?
  3. There should be two managers: an LLC or S corporation and another living person. You need a second person as a manager for continuity should something go wrong.

The PPM should have at least the description of the business, the offering terms, and conflicts of the manager, sources and uses, distributions and fees, authority rights, liquidity, and dispute resolution. The PPM is the story and explains, in the detail, the full aspects of the deal.

The members should always have the right to replace the manager.

Before going into a deal it’s VITAL that you read through the operating agreement fully.

Find a PPM and study it before you invest so you can understand how it all works.

You can ask questions about the deal to the attorney that drafted the terms but the person who’s representing your interests has to be your attorney.


Investing in a Security 101 – Gene Trowbridge Transcription:

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