Niching Down For Massive Growth – Investing For Recessions & Niches

December 23


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Being an uber-successful investor working with multi-millions is something most of us dream of.

But what if you could actually make it happen? Listen in today as Kathy Fettke talks about how she went from a huge loss in ‘08, to multi-million dollar success today by investing the smart way.


  1. The Highs & Lows of CEOs (video) – Cameron Herold
  2. Miracle Mornings for Entrepreneurs – by Hal Elrod  (Author), Cameron Herold  (Author), Honoree Corder
  3. The Charisma Myth – Olivia Fox Cabane


  2. CashFlowConnections

Show Notes

From selling parking spaces with his mom as a 5-year-old, to selling Cutco in high school, to founding Asym Capital (a private equity firm based out of LA), Southern California native Hunter Thompson has created his own empire based on a drive to provide a future and generational wealth for himself and his family.

Hunter’s focus on specific and niche “Recession-resistant” assets has been the driving factor in building Asym Capital, and since his start he’s helped more than 250 investors allocate capital to over 100 properties. He has personally raised over $20mm in private capital, and controls more than $60mm in commercial real estate.

Niching Down For Massive Growth – Investing For Recessions & Niches Transcription:

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